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    Magpul Mags:

    Welcome to our Magpul mags page. Here you will find PMAGS for AR-15, AR-10, AK-47, and Glock Pistols.  If you are looking for their accessories and parts, click here.

    From Magpul's website: "Magpul was founded in 1999 with the intent of developing a simple device to aid in the manipulation of rifle magazines while reloading under stress. The company’s name comes from this original product called the Magpul®. Over the last seventeen years Magpul has continued to grow and develop using much the same mission and process with a focus on innovation, simplicity, and efficiency.

    To understand Magpul, one must first understand the root ideas that form the foundation of our company culture and design philosophy. These core principles have allowed us to maintain a course true to our original mission, and help explain how and why we do the things we do."

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